Testing Out The Card Viewer

Ok let's start out with a decklist:

<DeckList name="the captain of terahill"/>

Which we can do inline too:

the captain of terahill
but it's a little sloppier right now:

<DeckListHover name="the captain of terahill"/>

Now for cards, if I just want a hoverable card name:

<Card name="shooler"/>

and I get a hover image:

which is inline with the rest of the text!

What if I want one big card in as a paragraph break with a caption? Just use BigCard:

<BigCard name="bulwark" caption="very crisp"/>

very crisp

But what about multiple cards in a row?? Gotcha covered with XCards:

<XCards :names="['anger','routine job','miasma']" caption="wow those are some cards for sure"/>

wow those are some cards for sure

If you're using VueJS to power you blog, drop us a line and I'll hook you up with the components!