Quick Adaptive is the Best Format


Last weekend I played in a KIPTournaments Quick Adaptive tournament. It was awesome! I’m now convinced that it is the best format! You should play it, we should all be playing it, it should be an official sanctionable event...
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Saury, not Saury


I have to admit, Saurian is ruining the fun I have in Keyforge. It’s not just because I lose to decks containing Saurian repeatedly. It’s the way I lose...
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Red Key First


It’s important to try something new. As someone who has played Magic the Gathering for a long time (seven years) I admit I was skeptical about KeyForge. It seemed too simple...
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Prime Championship Tournament Report


I get so excited for competitive play. High level tournaments where everyone is bringing their best deck and playing tight. Keyforge becomes super interesting and very intriguing when the outcome of each game relies on every gameplay decision players make. When the decks are so good that each turn has multiple lines of play and it's up to the player to solve the puzzle on which line is going to put you farthest ahead of your opponent at the end of your turn. The Keyforge Prime Championship at Metal Galaxy in Calgary, AB on November 23 was no different. 16 players with a variety of premier decks from all sets. 5 rounds of engaging Keyforge play with a cut to top 8. And I won it! ...
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Worlds Collide Initial Impressions


Worlds Collide has been out (officially) for just over a week and boy have I been jamming games! Very coincidentally (cunning emoji), I’ve just gone on parental leave on Nov 7, essentially Worlds Collide release day, and am off work for the next 3 months and on daddy duty (Oh Canada!). My kid is still quite small and loves to take multi-hour naps during the day which is a great time for dad to jump on the crucible for some games of Keyforge! It’s also great as I have a Primes event coming up November 23 in Calgary so getting in as many games as possible in this new meta is going to help a ton! And, my goodness, has the meta changed...
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Predictions for Worlds Collide


A few people where I live in Canada managed to acquire Worlds Collide decks early so I’ve thankfully been able to join in on the fun our neighbours to the south have found at Target. The decks seem like they can be quite powerful with the neat new creature interactions and new mechanics. I believe these decks will totally reshape the current meta and I will explain why. Here’s a few predictions for the upcoming set!...
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Tips and Tricks for Competitive Gameplay


The Vault Warrior series has been announced and with that brings greater prizing and competition than what we have seen so far in Keyforge. It is exciting that the game we love is growing and expanding and the announcement really shows that Fantasy Flight is confident in their game continuing for the long term. With greater prizing, however, comes the incentive for some less than honest people to try their best to circumvent the rules...
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Keyforge for Magic Players


In 1994 Richard Garfield designed what would become the world’s first collectable card game. This game is called Magic the Gathering and although Mr. Garfield designed the game there were many unforseen avenues the game took that Garfield didn’t have in mind for the game. For one, players could build their own decks freely, there was no rule against it. Originally Richard Garfield thought that players would just go out and buy a starter deck and simply use that deck through all their games. These starter decks were made up of random cards and part of the joy and fun of the game would come from exploring your new random assortment of cards each game. However, this wasn’t the case...
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Tempo and Mulligans


I have been thinking on mulligans lately and how to best define when to do so and when to keep. Keyforge allows you to freely toss away your hand and grab a new one, minus one card of course, in hopes of a better hand. So why don’t I see that many people using their free mulligan? Why do I often play my one card out first turn and pass to have my opponent play one or two mediocre cards after they’ve kept their full mitt of 6?...
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Playing To The Board State


This past weekend I brought my Horsey deck to a chainbound Archon tournament. I don’t think it’s my most powerful deck but it sure is fun to play with. There are many intricate combos in the deck and ways to control the game in my favour. But the deck has a high demand on sequencing and is quite unforgiving if I play cards out of order. I think the deck is also quite delicate in the way it can be easily beat if the opponent also takes due care to play their cards properly and analyze the entire board state a play in their favour. Such advantage over my deck takes place by analyzing the board state and playing slightly out of the normal...
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Buying Yourself Another Turn


This past Saturday I had the privilege of playing in a local sealed event. The event was made up of 12 people, was 4 rounds of 35 mins each, and cut to top 4 to play for the fancy Wild Wormhole playmat. Opening my deck I thought I had a fighting chance to win the playmat, however I came up short due to some, perhaps, costly misplays that could have went the other way. I didn’t win the playmat, however learned some more valuable lessons about how to better play KeyForge...
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Giving Your Deck A Chance


Back in November I was lucky enough to live in a city with a store that hosted a KeyForge pre-release. I did not do much previewing of the game before attending and went in pretty cold. I played a few card games over the years and was excited to try KeyForge as I had a bunch of friend’s who were also interested in playing the game. Over the months prior I had been losing interest in my previous game of choice, Magic the Gathering, and had been dabbling a little in Eternal Card Game which wasn’t completely filling the gap. I was excited to give KeyForge a go as, from what I heard about it, sounded like the best aspects of Magic the Gathering that I enjoyed, especially Commander and Ante League...
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The Hard Lock


Last night I went over to my friend’s house to play in our weekly tournament which has been happening since pre-release which is pretty awesome. Clearly no one in my friend group is bored of this game yet and hopefully this post should explain why...
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Doing As Much As You Can


The uniqueness of this game and creative card combos [alliteration!] continue to impress me. A player must find the line to victory using a unique series of cards in the deck. My favourite part about this game is that, for each deck, the path to victory isn’t always the same. I’ve finished the game, or created a pile of Aember, from some cool combos in a deck and don’t see them again for several games...
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Testing Out The Card Viewer


A rundown of the custom card and decklist components made for this blog...
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